The Vapes Becomes So Popular We Get Attacked

We apologise to our clients who have not been able to visit our website Friday 03/03/2017.

The popularity of our products and pricing has grown ten fold in the last few weeks and as a result we have become under attack from the people who like to take down the larger players online in our industry and the DDOS attack hit our hosting server causing downtime.

network traffic

The technical team have worked hard most of the day to get the site back up and running but there was a few hours of downtime which could not be helped.

We can only apologise about this and hope that our loyal customers understand that this was something outside of our control. The attack on our site was aimed to take the server rather than try and steal data.

Major sites including New York Times, Amazon, Sony, Ebay and the BBC have all experienced issues recently and it seems that technical server staff now spend a lot of time fighting this digital warfare.

According to research from Arbor Networks, the number of DDoS events topping 20Gbps in the first half of 2014, are double that of 2013. In 2015 and 2016 things grew beyond what anyone would ever imagine with attacks being larger each time.

DDoS remains a commonly used attack type due to the ready availability of free tools and inexpensive online services that allow anyone with a grievance and an internet connection to launch an attack. This has led to an increase in the frequency, size and complexity of attacks in recent years.

ATLAS has recorded: PDF

An average of 124,000 events per week over the last 18 months.
A 73% increase in peak attack size over 2015, to 579Gbps.
274 attacks over 100Gbps monitored in 1H 2016, versus 223 in all of 2015.
46 attacks over 200Gbps monitored in 1H 2016, versus 16 in all of 2015.
USA, France and Great Britain are the top targets for attacks over 10Gbps.